A Model Representing the Effecfs of Mitchel Fair & White Cream.


The ‘Mitchell’ clan of the Scotland highlands have long been the masters of dermatology way before the commercialization or coinage of the word.

With their own ‘Coat of Arms’ and ‘Tartan’ colours, the Mitchell clan was renowned in Europe for its mystic medicaments. In 1954, armed with the knowledge of this pharmaceutical heritage, the clan diversify into niche products targeted towards discoloration, aging and flaws in ‘dark’ skins, and so the company, ‘Mitchell Cosmetics Ltd.’ was born.
In 1978, a pharmaceutical trader ‘Maurice W. Farah’, purchased this classical iconic marque from Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell. During the 80’s, Maurice’s son Michel joined in as the second generation to take the business forward, expanding distribution all over Europe, The Middle & Far East, USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific regions. In the 90’s, with a quest to strive for perfection, our Swiss entity was set up with a group of Swiss scientists. It was a partnership that pioneered a revolutionary de-pigmentation therapy and took global markets by storm.
Over the years, the Mitchell Group and its laboratories in Switzerland, United States and France, continued to reinvent this Scottish myth, with constant research and development of formulations.



Mitchell has been exploring, innovating and enhancing since (year) pioneering a culture in skincare by brewing an ingenious alchemy of beauty in each and every product. It is the first-of- its-kind beauty brand that amalgamates the needs of Indian skincare with the expertise of American Laboratories. Our voyage to India is helmed by Sunita Ramnathkar, a veteran and visionary with a unique talent to spot ‘must-have’ products in every woman’s powder room. She introduced FEM in India as bleach, in a time when everyone only focussed on fairness creams; then turned it into a brand celebrated by women in every Indian household. With the advent of Mitchell, she now brings a unique new legacy to the Indian skincare story.



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