Mitchell Fair & White Mitchell Fair & White
Mitchell Fair & White Mitchell Fair & White
Mitchell Fair & White Mitchell Fair & White
Mitchell Fair & White Mitchell Fair & White
Mitchell Fair & White Mitchell Fair & White

Complete anti-aging personal care regimen crafted only for India



Lineless Eye Complex Under Eye Anti-aging Serum (30ml)
Mitchell USA’ Lineless Eye Complex is a lightweight serum that minimizes and reduces fine and tiny lines near the outer corner of the eyes. Besides reducing eye puffiness, it also helps reduce dark circles around the eyes. This serum has...
₹ 1,280.00
Skin Energizer - Instant Radiant Look (30ml)
Feel rejuvenated, energized and look radiant in an instant. It’s true that no skincare regimen is complete without a day cream that best suits your skin needs. Mitchell USA’ Ageless Skin Energizer Peptide Hydration Cream lightly hydrates and moisturizes; rejuvenating...
₹ 1,130.00
Day Hair Tonic & Night Hair Tonic - Reduces Hair Fall & Maintains Hair Growth (100ml+100ml)
Day Hair Tonic - Shaft Vitalization As we age, our hair becomes thinner, frizzier and is more prone to sun damage. It also becomes susceptible to injury and harm due to pollution and environmental factors. Our hair needs a day tonic...
₹ 1,150.00


Fair & White Brightening Cream with AHA - for Exfoliation (75g)
Unravel your skin’s inner radiance with this Fair and White Brightening Cream with AHA. Enhanced with exfoliating AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are in fact fruit acids that address flaws in the skin. This non-Hydroquinone, delicately fragranced, moisturizing cream...
₹ 870.00
Fair & White Revitalizing Fade Cream - Illuminate Dull Skin (50g)
The Fair and White Revitalizing Fade Cream is the first step in our three-step skin illuminating line. It helps illuminate dull and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation is designed to restore even skin tone as well as spruce up...
₹ 1,570.00
Fair & White Specialized Cream Gel - for Elbows & Knees (30g)
Working on stubborn and tougher areas of the skin such as elbows, knees, knuckles and feet can be far more demanding than lightening or brightening your face or other sensitive areas. Fair and White’s Specialized Cream Gel is a high-performance...
₹ 1,570.00

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